We have been watching homeless people in Los Angeles for a long time.
We often talk to them.
We learn about their suffering, their history and their anger.

There are many different homeless people and almost everyone has a different story.

Some homeless people need money for drugs or alcohol.
It is precisely these homeless people who need help the most.
You can no longer do it alone.

Other homeless people are too proud to accept help.
You need help in a special other form.

There are homeless people who just want another chance.
You want to get back to normal.

Most of the homeless use their little money to buy food.
They have no money left for clothing or medication.
Their sleeping places are also mostly on the floor.
You have no chance of starting a normal life.

There are also confused and sick homeless people who urgently need help.
Dealing with homeless people is a science.
It takes a lot of experience and sometimes a lot of patience with them.

We offer many homeless people a chance to improve their lives.
Sometimes we also manage to reintegrate them into normal life.

They can help too.
Become your own god and help with donations of all kinds.