We are currently looking for a cheap storage / business space to rent.
In the future we want to set up a central acceptance point for donations of all kinds.
If you can rent something to us, please contact us.

Planned projects:

Central distribution point with food
Central distribution point with clothing
Central dispensing point for medicines and volunteer doctors.
Central places with tents as sleeping places.
Central advice center for the restart.

We need your help to implement it.

Executed projects:

We bring along with collected clothes for almost every week to different places where homeless people live.
Sometimes we even dress the homeless one individually.
Some are so confused that they do not even know their clothes or shoe size.

Venice Blvd / Globe Ave / Tuller Ave
About 40-50 homeless people live on Venice Blvd under the bridge between Globe and Tuller Ave.
Today on December 24th, 2020 we grilled HotDogs for these people.
We financed it from donations.
Many thanks to all donors.

Today we distributed small Christmas bags to the homeless under the bridge in Venice.
Cosmetic products and small snacks were included.
Thanks to all donors.


We’ve brought lots of sleeping bags, blankets, and tents to homeless people in Venice Beach.
There are more and more homeless people settling right on the boardwalk in Venice Beach.
We were able to make many homeless people happy.
Thank you for your donation.


Today we brought mattresses, camping beds, chairs and clothes to the homeless.
For some, the joy was very great.
So far they have slept on the cold floor with only one blanket.
Many thanks to all donors.


Today we have brought half a van with a lot of clothing, bicycles and a mobile toilet to the homeless.
Many thanks to the donors.


Today we brought many things back to the homeless people on Venice Blv.
Toothpaste, toothbrushes, cream, shampoo, soap and other cosmetic products.
We also got food for free, which we immediately gave to the homeless.
Some bags of clothing were also there.
Some homeless people were so overwhelmed by the crowd that they were close to tears.
It is always a wonderful feeling when we can help other people.
It is precisely this feeling that makes life worth living.
Feeling and feeling the joy of others is the greatest thing we can experience.
Thank you to everyone who helped.


Today we made a homeless woman happy. Her walker was stolen.
We brought her a new walking aid today.
She was close to tears.
Many thanks to the donor of the walking aid.